Win Big From Small Bets 🚀

Discover if your idea is in the right direction.Validate for a higher likelihood of success.Save ⏱ and 💰 with the right experiments.

Experiments To Test Idea:

ratings are out of 5 stars, 1 being least and 5 being greatest

About Experiment List

Every idea we have is full of assumptions that need to be tested. They generally fall into 3 categories:
Desirability: Do people want or need it?Feasibility: Can we create or produce the idea/solution?Viability: Can we profit or sustain operating?
The Experiment List contains experiment ideas to help save you time and money going from idea 💡 to final product 💎.

Overall we you want to learn the minimum amount required using the least amount of resources necessary to make a decision. The principles are drawn from the lean method approach.

Inspiration to create this was drawn from Bram Kanstein who created a free MVP Experiment Canvas for running these experiments.

If you want any help setting up and running an experiment or generating ideas please reach out to me @DomVacchiano, I'd be happy to help!